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How a Video Attracts an Audience

Not to be too technical about the psychology of what makes a video attract an audience but it boils down to a few simple factors. Video is action for lazy people. This does not mean that people who watch and learn from videos are always lazy but at this particular moment they are in a more passive form of retention than reading. They may be relaxing or they may be doing something else when they are viewing a video but they are being fed information and it takes one of two methods for their attention to perk up. A video either has to have some entertainment value that strikes them as being different from what they were previously watching or there must be some educational value they find intriguing.

A video for marketing purposes needs to both entertain and educate. The entertainment value needs to come first. As the video begins to play the viewer’s attention becomes absorbed with music that charms them or a unique visual such as exciting graphics or a familiar face. This is the starting point to grabbing attention but then the informational part plays in and the enlistment of something educational starts. If the message is something that relates to the viewer then the senses begin to awaken and the viewer is thrust into engagement.

If the viewer finds some reward in the particular video they will inherently want to take some form of action. This could be purchasing a product or researching it more but the most common form is to share the video on social media. This is why it is crucial for your videos to have a call to action button such as a share with friends or sign up for email. Online ads can build word of mouth exponentially faster than televised ones. When was the last time a friend told you about some awesome commercial they saw on TV? Most likely it was the Super Bowl and yes it does happen but the hype of the video to expand its audience happens online.

Once a video derives some attention from a few viewers it spawns a conversation which takes on a life of its own. The comments and shared attention can build impressions on an audience before they even view it for themselves. On average, entertaining videos get more shares than educational ones. Entertainment value has this dual effect of grabbing one viewer’s attention and then being shareable because the viewer feels it would relate to their friends. Being educational means it relates to an already interested viewer as the message is getting across.

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