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Time Lapse Shots for Corporate Videos

traffic in Hong Kong at night

Production value is one of those tools that makes your video more engaging. Techniques such as time lapse can open new doors and add effects to relate to your target audience. Time lapse is essentially video shown at a super low frame rate. The rate will vary as a single minute of condensed time lapse video can contain an hour or a day or longer. For corporate videos you need to ask yourself and your production creatives how this would help convey your message. Time lapse helps observe patterns, especially of human behavior. It is much more interesting than a graph and has a fascinating appeal like being in the fourth dimension but without the boring lag.

Time lapse is a wonderful way of showing the completion process from plant growth to construction to waiting in line. It has the power to images that are often boring when seen in real time and turn them into amazing accomplishments in the blink of an eye. If you have something new to show about your company, time lapse is an efficient method. You can speed up a hundred years of innovation in a few seconds featuring products of the past evolving into your most recent featured addition. You can show a product being built from beginning to end.

Try time lapse as a way to show the viewers who you and your company are. Imagine taking a tour of your office in 20 seconds and meeting all the smiling faces. Something even as boring as an office meeting can be sped up to look somewhat entertaining.

Adding the right music for your time lapse is an important aspect. You need something at the right tempo to work with the movement of the images. A plant growing set to a heavy metal song does not exactly blend well together but a fast paced song to the building of an aircraft can be quite appealing.

Not all time lapse needs to be shot in a single attempt. Most of these shoots will require several days and use multiple angles.  Script out what you plan to do and discuss it with a professional production company to capture the best footage and have an editor who can pull it all together.

When placing time lapse into your videos, remember to keep it organic to your message and story line. Don’t start the concept for a video to feature time lapse but use it as an efficient tool to show the patterns in the passage of time if the creative calls for it.

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