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Aspects of A Corporate Video Script

There are aspects of a corporate video script that differ from that of a motion picture but both have the same basic elements of storytelling. Besides the aspect of trying to please and work with your clients intent for a video product, there is a greater need to know the audience in corporate videos than in a script for pure entertainment. Knowing the audience is the first priority in any script.  After you know the mind you trying to reach you have the pleasure of tackling the ideas of connecting with them through the content and building a story arc within the given time-frame.

Know Your Audience – these are the first questions the production needs to ask the client. Who is their target demographic for each ad. The next is the research, what are the desires of this market and how will this product affect them. If you can answer these questions you will have the fundamental basis for what the story line needs to fill. Maybe this is an internal video for the client but the questions still apply.

Theme – the thematic elements of your story are what you pay your dream team creatives for. They will best know the trends and nuances of the target audience, how to draw an emotional connection between the product and viewer. The idea is to match the story and setting details to something that particular audience finds engaging. Sometimes the client may have an idea of what themes work on a particular demographic. Details do count and consistent aspects in that world help with the relating factor.

Emotional Arc – Viewers will respond to withdrawal or denial of something more than to the addition. Every story should be set up with the possibility of something being greater or being currently okay and then shown what it is like not to have that. When it comes to advertising the story ends here. The idea of teasing the audience into something they would want is the goal. Further information to obtain the product must be hinted at and accessible but not completely explained. Finding where the line is between drawing the viewer’s interest into the story and cutting it right at the point where they will want more without giving them a solid conclusion is a fine art form. Sometime it is as simple as a cut at the right moment but more importantly it should be the basis of the writing stage. Even if you are making an internal company video you will find the resolution comes from the employees taking some kind of action. You are still selling a story where the viewer completes the tale.

Once these three elements have been observed in the formation of the script it is up to your creative department to work within the budget and create a concept that pleases everyone.

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